Judgments on credit

As I understand it – if there are judgments on our credit then they had had to serve us papers right? We have two and NEVER have received any thing and did not know about them until we had our reports run – what’s the deal! I contacted on attorney on it and they were absolutely nasty to me. Then the other one started calling! I have not answered their calls because it’s an automated message (hate that). Should we talk to them? The one said satisfied on our report this time but the County where it was filed said they didn’t have that and that’s when they started calling. On judgments should you talk to the attorneys even though they are so mean to you and won’t even listen to you but just keep saying well if you paid it prove it – I can’t! The card number they have was not our card numbers we had!!! Any we had were paid off by CCCS and I have that.

If you have not already done so, file a dispute with all 3 credit reporting agencies. They are obligated to investigate by contacting the company filing the credit status and having them validate the status. In many cases, this is all it takes.

I have had on more than one occasion a credit card company put negative statements on a card that was paid off & closed so long ago, I no longer even have the account number. The credit company refused to talk to me unless I had the acct #, so I filed a dispute with all 3 and off they came.

If you have judgments but have not gotten a summons either in the mail or in person then you can have that judgment(s) “vacated” from your record.

You need to get an attorney.

Do not speak to anyone on the debt until you have consulted your attorney. You are under no obligation to do so. SO DO NOT TALK WITH ANYONE. The attorney can deal with them.

Go to the attorney BEFORE you do anything else…including dispute the credit bureaus as someone suggested. It is a good suggestion but should not yet be done. Attorneys can cost thousands of dollars so whether to do it pro se or with an attorney depends on your legal knowledge, how much an attorney wants and the amount of the judgment. I would not hire an attorney for a judgment of $1000 or less.