How to set up a budget

I was hoping to find on Dave Ramsey’s website some kind of budget guide that would work for us, our kids are grown and it is just the 2 of us. All of the Christian ones that I have found are outdated and many conflict. Some have car payments under transportation and others have all debt in one area. The one budget form Dave has available for free, does not list monthly medical expenses like medicines and doctor visit co-pays.

Does anyone know of any?

I have looked around the internet for the “perfect” budget forms and software.

I found nothing.

That doesn’t mean that there are good ones out there, even great ones. I like Dave Ramsey’s the best.

My suggestion, is to use the one that you like best but “update” based on your own particular situation. JUst add in those categories that need to be added in…like in your case medicines and medical expenses.

Everybodys gonna bit a different when it comes to finances. No two people have the same budget. There are similarities, but nothing will match your situation exactly. Try to cope.

Or you can model a good one for yourself on your own computer (if you have the knowledge to do it.) Then it will be perfect.