Something you might try when renewing your cell phone contract…

I renewed my contract today. I had the contract for 2 years and I get a great discount thru my work and I have to have a phone for a variety of reasons.

Anyway – I stopped by the retail store to talk to them to see what kind of deal I could get. I was thinking that I would get a free phone or something. The store couldn’t help me so I called another store while at work today. They weren’t offering me anything either so I asked the rep what kind of retention strategy do they have? He mentioned to call the customer service line and ask for the retention department.

I called and guess what? I got a $150 credit on my bill just for asking. The rep on the phone said that only the phone customer service department has the special codes to do that. Pretty cool, huh?

So I thought that I would share that it never hurts to ask for a discount. You never know what you might get!