Don’t use a CCCS!

Don’t use a CCCS unless you are just such a wimp (no meaness, just the facts) that each time you talk to the creditor they make you cry or raise your blood pressure through the roof. The ONLY benefit of using a CCCS is that after 4-6 months of being on their plan the collection calls slow down. If you handle the payouts and payment arrangements yourself you have to talk to the creditor occasionally.

They don’t save you money, they don’t do you any favors, they aren’t looking out for your best interest…they simply answer the phone for you and fax some letters.

It is good that you are doing well on the CCC that you are using currently. You should feel gratified that you are one of the 20% that have success with this program.

As long as it is working for you, then you should keep doing it; but do me a favor, and make sure that you are following up on them every month just to be sure they are doing what they say they are. We don’t a re-occurrence of what happened last time.

And I agree with your statements that someone should thoroughly research all their options before deciding to go with any company.

I can’t tell you how many people that have been harmed by slick sales pitches by companies — CCCS, debt settlement, and even Bankruptcy Attorneys.

What works for you may not work for your neighbor. But I stand by my original statement that if you can afford a CCC then you don’t need it as there other programs out there that can do an even better job.

Just a little education and some real budgeting can solve most peoples financial woes…PLUS ACTUALLY SAVING MONEY FOR A RAINY DAY.

Best of luck to you.